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Check up

Preventing damage

This includes both advice and instruction aimed at preventing disease of the teeth and soft tissue in the mouth, as well as routine screening for early detection of disease. Early detection of cancer in the mouth can be life saving, and is one of the major motivations for regular examinations.

In children

Prevention mostly consists of advice/instruction to both child and parent regarding cleaning and diet, aimed at reducing decay over a lifetime. Newly emerged permanent teeth may be sealed to delay onset of fissure decay.

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In adults

We find decay usually less prevalent, but periodontal disease, which is disease of firstly the soft tissue around the tooth, and following from that also the bone supporting the tooth, become more important. Even though it is entirely preventable in most cases through good oral Hygiene and early detection of symptoms, it still prevalent in the UK, one reason being that it can be symptomless to the patient.

A very important part of routine examinations is inspecting the soft tissue, including the tongue and cheeks, for signs of changes in appearance which could indicate cancer. Cancer of the mouth floor still has a very poor five year survival rate, and early detection can make all the difference. This becomes even more important for smokers and users of alcohol.

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What our patients say

``Really friendly staff who are very good. Always very helpful and will try and fit you in if they can. Very nice building with a large waiting area.``-
``Having just joined the clinic since moving to the area, was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff.``-
``My wife and I are new to the Bosham Clinic and have been absolutely delighted with the welcome and every aspect of the treatment we have received.``-
``Managed to fit me in for an emergency appointment and then did an excellent job fixing up my broken tooth. Rebuilt tooth feels as good as new!``-